5 Steps to Styling the Ultimate Kitchen

Large Luxury Australian Kitchen With Marble Island Bench

The kitchen is often one of the most-used spaces in the home – it’s a place for cooking, eating and gathering for conversation. As such, it is crucial to get this room right when it comes to interior design. You want your kitchen to be functional but also inviting, ensuring that people are drawn to the space and enjoy spending time there.

How to Style the Ultimate Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

If you are re-styling your kitchen or perhaps putting in a new one, these 5 steps will help you to create the ultimate kitchen for your home. 

1. Consider the Theme and Colour Palette

Begin by defining your overall theme and colour palette. What look are you hoping to achieve with your styling? Does this look match the rest of the house? Try to ensure that the kitchen combines seamlessly with the overall feel of the house. It can feel a little disjointed if your home is predominantly art deco, while the kitchen is all timber to create a rustic, country vibe. Having a clear vision will guide your styling choices, making it easier to make decisions.

2. Make Sure there is Enough Light

A key mistake that you want to avoid is not having enough light in your kitchen. Proper lighting can help create a fresh, airy space where people want to hang out, so make sure your kitchen has enough light, either from natural or artificial sources. If the windows do not provide enough light, opt for statement lighting arrangements that serve two purposes – they will supply the light you so desperately need, while also helping to contribute to the overall aesthetic. Hanging lights over the bench is particularly popular and create a luxurious feel to any kitchen.

3. Use Furniture to Make a Statement

There are many ways to style your kitchen that don’t require an entire renovation. If you’re looking to add some colour or create a bold statement, consider the furniture in your kitchen. Do you have an adjoining dining area where you can switch out your old dining set? Or maybe you have stools at your island kitchen bench? Either of these options is an effective way to create a new look without the time and money required for a full reno. Choose pieces that suit your overall vision as these will best complement your look.

4. Create Design Elements Using Utensils and Appliances

Utensils and appliances no longer have to be boring! Toasters, kettles and even spatulas come in all types of colours and designs these days, meaning they also double as the perfect styling accessories. Choose items that suit your colour palette and think of places to display these on your shelves or countertop. They will look good and be easy to access – win win!

5. Add Fresh Produce or Greenery

The quickest way to spruce up a space is to add some plants or fresh produce. To create your ultimate kitchen, try to incorporate a few pot plants to add some greenery, or you can even find a way to display your fresh fruit and veg to create a fresh, yet homely look.

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