7 Stylish Ideas to Style an Empty Corner

Style an Empty Corner

If you are decorating your home or have some empty corners that could use some attention, this blog will help provide some inspiration into the many ways you can style up a corner.

Here are some of our favourite ways to turn an empty corner into a useful and aesthetically pleasing space.

Reading Nook

Not only is a reading nook the perfect way to get some use out of an empty corner, but it can also be a fantastic opportunity to have a designated space you can revert to when you want to relax.

If you have a window seat, a built-in bookshelf alongside your reading nook will be ideal for keeping your books on display for some reading. But whatever way you design your reading nook, it should be a relaxing space with decent lighting, especially if natural light is insufficient. If you are looking for some inspiration, there are many cozy reading nook ideas on Pinterest.



Plants have been scientifically-proven to improve mood and air quality while also lowering stress levels. Additionally, plants are a super easy way to fill up an empty corner, with the added benefit of bringing nature into your home. Large indoor plants that are low maintenance include fiddle leaf fig, kentia palm, and peace lily, to name a few.


Console Table

Typically found in an entryway, a console table can give your corner an elevated feel and also provides an opportunity for creativity. You can even create a vignette which gives you the chance to showcase a variety of decorative accessories that you can change up every season. A vignette, a display of decorative items arranged on a table or shelf, is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your interior and express your design aesthetic.


Bar Station

An essential entertaining piece, a bar cart can look fantastic in a corner and is a piece every home needs for entertaining. Not only are bar carts handy when entertaining guests, but they also add some serious style to your home. When trying to find the perfect cart, start by considering your home decor style and always try to shop for vintage pieces where possible.


Gallery Wall

A gallery wall with your favourite pieces of artwork can be a great way to amplify spaces and also create an accent wall to make your area appear larger. A gallery wall should include some key pieces that are in keeping with your room’s colour palette and decor. When creating your gallery wall, remember to combine bold prints with some subtle artwork and choose different sizes for a fabulous gallery wall.


Zen Area

A zen area can be a space for meditation or relaxation. Add a lounge chair, style it with some cushions and a throw preferably from organic materials and simple geometric shapes. Subdued lighting, combined with some incense, candles and some uplifting quotes, can encourage positivity and allow you to release any worries.


Floor Lamps

Floor lamps come in all styles and are an attractive choice for corner decorating. Choose a floor lamp to not only fill up the corner space but also to complement the aesthetic of the room.


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