An Introduction to Interior Design Styles: Part 1

Not only will an understanding of design styles serve you well if you need some tips to style your home, but it will also empower you to discover your style preference.

This two-part blog series aims to introduce some of the most popular interior design styles in the hopes of inspiring you to find a style that resonates with your design aesthetic.

Here are some of the most popular interior styles that need to be on your design radar.


Rustic Chic

Modern Rustic Chic

Rustic interiors draw inspiration from nature and are characterised by the use of raw materials such as wood and stone. Earth-based colours and rugged natural elements create a harmonious feel that emphasises a connection with nature.

Architectural details may include features like ceilings with wood beams and reclaimed wooden floors. Rustic style is warm and inviting; decorative elements are kept to a minimum with a deep, neutral palette. The layering of raw textiles is key to adding texture and achieving the rustic charm. Contemporary furnishings and accessories in warm tones work harmoniously to complement rustic elements.



Coastal Decor

Coastal style or Hamptons style is inspired by the ocean and features a light, airy colour palette. Furniture is typically a crisp neutral shade that is paired with cool hues and blue accessories. Nautical patterns, large windows, and natural oak are common fixtures of this interior style. Reminiscent of sand colours, decorative accessories crafted from natural fibres such as jute and hemp create a relaxing beach-inspired look. A refined colour palette and plenty of natural light translate into timeless elegance that remains true to the laid-back beach lifestyle.



Bohemian Decor

Bohemian aesthetic captures the carefree and eclectic lifestyle that is typical of people who lead alternative lifestyles. Bohemian interiors include a combination of patterns, colours, and furnishings inspired from all over the globe with a nomadic influence. There are no rules with Boho decor, but plush textiles, cushions and vintage items in vibrant, saturated colours make this style unique.

The key to Bohemian style is combining textures and mixing patterns to create a warm ambience. Understated lighting completes the inviting boho vibe.



Scandinavian decor

A homage to Nordic countries, Scandinavian interiors are characterised by simplicity and functionality. Neutral colours, textured rugs, and functional furniture are all features of Scandi designs. Scandinavian furniture is best described as understated and minimal with all-white colour palettes.

Pops of colour often come from the use of monochrome art, neutral accent pieces or a statement piece of furniture. Decorative pieces made of natural elements like light wooden flooring, natural fibres and worn leather are the way to go.



Elegant Transitional Dining Room With Board And Batten Walls

A transitional style combines both traditional and modern design elements to create an appealing style that incorporates classic styling with new design elements. Interior design features include textural elements such as wood, glass, ceramic, lacquer, and metal.

Contemporary furniture, in a neutral or monochromatic colour palette, with sleek lines, is complemented with traditional accents. Accessories are kept to a minimum, and usually, a statement piece of art is used to create a focal point. Transitional decor is a sleek interpretation that seamlessly combines two opposing interior styles.


French Provincial

French provincial decor

A reflection of 17th-century homes in Provence, the south of France, French interior style balances elegance with effortlessness. French style is never excessive or unlivable; it features natural materials like linen and wool. Colour palettes are cool neutral tones such as soft shades of blue, greys, with creamy colours like taupe and ivory.

This interior style achieves a harmonious and timeless design by combining French elegance with rustic elements that are characteristic of the country way of life. White-washed surfaces, fading paint and distressed timber deliver a distinctive laid-back old-world beauty feel. Although unpretentious, decorative details and furnishings include luxurious fabrics and materials.


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