Colour Your Home Happy: Try These Mood-Boosting Tips & Tricks

Colour Your Home Happy

Whether you are a style influencer or not, no doubt you have noticed the new sartorial trend towards colourful ‘dopamine dressing’ that has entered the zeitgeist. After hibernating away in loungewear for the past two years, it makes sense that we would want to boost our serotonin levels through playful mood-boosting pieces. It’s not just fashionistas tapping into the psychological power of colour either; bright interiors that revitalise your home and mood are very much on-trend. ‘Dopamine decorating’ aims to boost serotonin levels through the emotive qualities of colour to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere.

dopamine colour palette

The versatility of a dopamine colour palette

Getting creative with colour need not be intimidating. Don’t be put off by the garish neon blazers on the catwalk. Depending on your personality, the aesthetic elements of a space, and the emotions you want your home to convey to prospective buyers, you can go all-out maximalist or opt for more subtle tones. With an extensive colour palette to work with, incorporating blues into your home could range from electric blue pops of colour to the more calming muted tones of duck-egg blue.

When it comes to home staging, we recommend keeping background neutrals and injecting a sense of vibrancy through selectively positioned accents such as lampshades, rugs, cushions, artworks and throws. When it comes to kids’ play areas and bedrooms, consider using wall decals to infuse colour and a sense of whimsy and creativity into the space.

A word of warning, though—you don’t want to overpower the senses of prospective buyers with a riot of colour; it’s a balance between revitalising a room while maintaining enough of a blank canvas that the buyer can visualise the space as their own. A neutral background, whether crisp or chalky white or blue-grey, also brings decorative accents to life to ‘wow’ buyers. Incorporating a bold dash of orange or yellow works wonders in adding that little extra ‘zing’ to a room and emanates vibes of sunshiney happiness.  

Some of our favourite colour clashes that work together to radiate positivity are pinks and greens, yellows and violets, lilac and orange, mustard and teal, or blue with magenta.

The feel-good vibrancy of green accessories and plants combined with calming blush pink furniture accents is a much-loved colour combination when it comes to dopamine decorating.

Want more inspiration? Here at Pabs, we know colour. Contact us today to speak to one of our expert property stylists to discuss how we can brighten your room to boost the mood of prospective buyers. Book your home staging consultation today and find out more information on furniture rental packages that will add a splash of colour to any room to dress your house for selling success.

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