Considering Furniture Rental? Discover the Benefits and Care Tips

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Have you ever spent hours deliberating over whether a fabric or leather lounge is the right choice for your living room? Maybe you’ve tossed and turned over the choice between coloured ottomans, or deciding if a round or rectangle dining table is best for your space. You might be familiar with just how challenging it can be to choose a forever piece of furniture.

Not only is it difficult to know exactly which piece is going to be most suitable for your space, there’s also the question of comfort! Some furniture designs look beautiful on Pinterest – but they’re uncomfortable to actually use for more than a few minutes at a time.

Add in supply chain shortages and delays and the cost of purchasing new furniture outright, and it’s often easier to just keep ‘making do’ with the old or incomplete furniture in your home, rather than making the commitment to a long-term replacement or upgrade.

That’s where rental furniture can make a world of difference. For some people and in many circumstances, choosing to rent your furniture rather than purchasing it outright offers flexibility, convenience and variety, providing an immediate solution to securing the right furniture for your family’s needs.

The benefits of rental furniture

Furniture rentals are growing in popularity, with many people opting to use furniture on a flexible basis, rather than investing in upfront ownership. With the rental and sharing economy also growing in many other sectors (such as Airbnb or Uber Carshare), it’s no surprise that the benefits of furniture rentals are becoming more apparent. 

Some of the benefits of rental furniture include:

  • Flexibility. There’s no need to commit for years to a single design choice if you’re renting your furniture. This is particularly useful for people living in more transitional seasons of life, or for those who are moving from rental to rental, with different floor plans and sizing considerations impacting their furniture needs.
  • Savings. Renting furniture can often be more cost-effective than purchasing it. Rather than needing to make a large investment, you can opt to pay for what you need on a monthly basis, improving cash flow and giving you access to furniture now – rather than months down the track when your savings account allows.
  • No risk of depreciation. When you drive a new car off the lot, you’ve just experienced a depreciation in its value. This can be the same for many statement pieces of furniture, with lounges, dining tables, sideboards, and more often dropping in value significantly the moment they leave the store. When furniture is rented, the depreciation is worn by the owning company, not by the renter.

How to care for rental furniture

As with any furniture you own, it’s important to care for rental furniture with regular cleaning and maintenance. This can help to extend its lifespan, ensuring it’s in great shape when you return it to the rental company.

Dusting and vacuuming are essential for soft and hard furniture pieces alike, helping to remove dirt and dust. Any stains or spills need to be attended to immediately in order to protect upholstery, and hard surfaces will benefit from a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth.

You can simplify the maintenance of your rental furniture by looking to prevent damage. Consider using coasters and placemats for tables and coffee tables, as well as minimising the access pets have to lounges and upholstered pieces. 

By treating your rental furniture pieces with the same love, care and concern as you do your own, you can enjoy maximised comfort and practicality from each piece while keeping them in great condition for their next renter.

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