Expert Tips to Magnify Small Spaces

Expert Tips to Magnify Small Spaces


A small dark room can be a real turnoff to a potential buyer, and thus it’s well worth following some of the time-tested tips experts have come up with to cast the room in its best light.

Tip 1: White walls create a bright and light canvas

If you are trying to create a sense of spaciousness and light, you cannot afford to have dark-coloured walls because these will absorb the light. White is the first choice for a small dark room because it reflects the most light, but you can also opt for off-white hues or lighter tones of your existing colour.

Glossy paint may seem like the obvious choice, but it can produce an unsettling glare. Matte white is preferable because it reflects the available light in different directions.

A feature wall in a different colour is not out of the question. But preferably keep to a neutral palette and use lighting and accessories to brighten that side of the room. 

Tip 2: Lift dark floors with statement rugs

Rooms with dark wood or laminate floors will seem dimmer and smaller. The first option would be to swap these for lighter or blond wood flooring. But if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you can brighten the dark floor by putting down a statement rug that is light-coloured, even white if that appeals to you, or patterned with bright accents.

Tip 3: Shine the light on the space

Lighting is a powerful tool for brightening your space and making it appear more spacious than it is. However, don’t overdo it with so many lights. Cleverly positioned lighting, using up or floor lights elevates the height of the room and provides illumination from the reflections off the ceiling and throughout the room. Table lights add warm and cozy areas to the place. You can also choose to go for a natural outdoor light look by using cool lightbulbs that have a blue tinge.  

Tip 4: Let the light flow in

You must make the most use of the natural light that comes through the windows in the room. That means you should opt for translucent, light-coloured curtains – or none at all if possible – rather than heavy, dark curtains that drain the available light entering the room.

Tip 5: Lift and lighten furniture

Using light-coloured furniture is another way to lighten and brighten a space – and less is more when there is limited space. However, having limited space doesn’t mean you have to stick to small items of furniture. A few select feature pieces, placed to give the sense of space, could work too. See-through furniture, such as acrylic chairs or a glass coffee table, and shiny pieces are also worth considering as high-light reflectors. Furniture that has legs that lift it off the floor also adds to the sense of space and light.

Tip 6: Selectively place shiny, reflective accessories

Accessories offer many opportunities to bring light and space into a room. Mirrors are often used to reflect the light coming through a window or from other light sources and thus are highly effective in expanding the sense of space in a room. Metallic and shimmery gold and silver accessories also reflect light and add superb brightness to a room.

In a small space, it is advisable to keep art to a minimum because large pieces absorb light. But a few light-coloured art pieces in dark frames provide attractive contrasts to the other light-enhancing accessories in the room. 

Experts have been tackling the challenges presented by small, dark rooms for a long time. These tips show you that it is possible to make a small space appear lighter and brighter without spending too much time, effort, and money. 

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