Going Green: The Best Plants to Style Each Room of your Home

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With the past two years forcing us to reimagine what we call ‘home,’ it’s unsurprising that there is a desire to incorporate calming elements of the natural world into our interior sanctuaries. While the therapeutic benefits of houseplants have long been acknowledged – offering both physical and psychological benefits – did you know that strategically incorporating plants and botanical wares in your living space could significantly enhance the appeal of your home? Adding a well-placed dash of verdant greenery to your home can work wonders on the overall impression of the property. The inclusion breathes vibrancy into the space while adding a pop of colour.

The versatility of plants means that they can be successfully incorporated into any size or style of home. First, you need to ask yourself what mood or theme you want to create and what plants are best suited to your interior light and space, as well as seasonal patterns. Whether you are planning on using a single potted plant to liven up a blank corner or create an indoor jungle escape, our home staging experts are here to provide personalised support in selecting the right plants to complement your interior and exterior spaces.

Living Room

If ever there was a place to incorporate a bold statement plant, the living room is it. For larger living spaces with ample amounts of direct sunlight, you can’t go past the Bird of Paradise for creating a vibrant tropical theme. Equally dramatic is the ever-popular Fiddle-Leaf Fig, which is best placed near a window in indirect sunlight. Perching a medium-sized plant next to a sofa, either on the floor or on a side table, will help create a homely, inviting atmosphere.

If you are working in a smaller space, the Snake Plant is a great option to create an uncluttered impression with its clean straight lines. When adding greenery to side or coffee tables, opt for smaller plants. Consider positioning a jug, jar, or vase on a stack of books to add a fresh and contemporary feel to your coffee table. And remember, sometimes less is more; a single leaf or two (such as the elephant-eared Monstera) will often do.


They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so the emotional attachment triggered by plants is particularly important in this area of the home. Fragrant herb plants such as basil, mint and rosemary are a great and functional way to spruce up any kitchen (as well as make it smell enticing). It might be as simple as putting a couple of mason jars on a windowsill or a jug in the middle of an island bench.  


When it comes to bathrooms and ensuites, low maintenance succulents fit neatly on a windowsill or corner of the vanity without cluttering the space. Humidity-loving ferns also work well in larger bathrooms.


Cascading plants are made to be draped over shelves! They provide a pleasing contrast to the straight lines of a bookshelf and help create a warm, cosy atmosphere.  

To discuss how plants can complement your staging package to create a stylish and aspirational aesthetic, contact our expert team at Pabs today on 1800 20 10 20.

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