Home Interior Tips – Finding the Perfect Colour Palette

Home Interior Tips - Finding the Perfect Colour Palette

The psychological effect of colours

Different colours will have a different impact on both your space and the way you feel in the interior itself. Cool colours are usually utilised to generate a tranquil environment, while warm colours are lively and stimulating. Colour can also magnify a space or conversely make it feel smaller. Typically, cool colours give the illusion of space, and warm colours visually make a room appear closed off, so are perfect if you want to make a large room appear more mellow. Similarly, adding earthy and natural materials can also have a grounding effect if you are trying to achieve a peaceful environment.


Now that you understand how different colours work, here are a few simple tips that can be useful to keep in mind when you are decorating and selecting a colour for your interior.

Get inspired

Before choosing any colour for your interior decor, seek inspiration from existing furnishings and accessories. Then go on to explore design magazines, Pinterest, and design blogs for inspiration. Create a mood board to pull all your ideas together. Putting together a mood board can be handy to get started with planning your project, and it can also help you gauge the sense of style you are after.


60-30-10 colour rule

This decorating rule is meant to help you distribute colours proportionally to balance your space. Your main colour will make up 60% of the space, the secondary colour will comprise 30%, and the final 10% is the accent colour. Choose your main colour wisely as it carries a lot of weight. Your secondary colour should be different enough to create contrast but also complement the main colour selection. Last but not least, get creative with your accent colour through decorative accessories, artwork and soft furnishings.



Choosing a colour palette that is suitable for your interior while also balancing with different elements and colours to add some dimension. Incorporate colour or themes with cushions, accessories or furnishings to enhance the appearance of your interior. Always remain true to your individual style unless you are staging your property for sale. In that case, envision what colours are most likely to attract buyers, evoke emotions and complement your space.

If you are still not sure how to stage your property for sale, our blogs have some awesome tips to get you started with the basics of interior decorating.

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