How Rugs Elevate an Interior Space: Top Considerations

Rugs Elevate An Interior Space

One of the easiest ways to transform the look and feel of a space is to introduce a new rug. Whether you’re leaning into vibrant, contrasting colours and patterns or muted, calming neutrals, rugs have the power to introduce texture, colour and scale into rooms of all sizes and uses. Rugs can also be an affordable way to define a space, removing the need to invest in all-new furniture or drapery to bring fresh life into a familiar space.

Objects and furniture that sit in the vertical space are often the most obvious ways to introduce definition. By considering a horizontal approach, you can open up your decorating and finishing options. Make them complement the design choices within your vertical planes.

Using rugs to create definition

Open-plan spaces are highly common in both residential and commercial settings. It’s often necessary to define different ‘zones’ within open-plan designs, creating differentiation through furniture, design and placement.

Rugs are handy tools when it comes to creating delineation within these environments. By adding one to the space designated for dining and another to the living room space, you can create these zones through naturally defined and complementing design. If you’re looking to create more defined spaces within your open plan layout, rugs can be a cheaper and more visually pleasing alternative to room dividers or new wall builds.

Introducing styles, colours and materials

The wide variety of rugs available on the market creates ample opportunity for personalisation within different spaces. By considering the style, colour and type of material you may opt for in a rug, you can create strong elevation through intentional choices and finishes.

Wool rugs are recognised for their sophistication and elegance – which may be perfect for a sitting room but not so practical for a lounge room that’s used by kids and pets every day. Looking for a rug that’s going to stand up to the kind of wear it receives is also important in considering material and finishing choices.

Pale rugs are often used to lighten spaces, while dark rugs can build feelings of cosy intimacy. By considering the amount of natural light a room receives, you can look to introduce a suitable colour palette that creates your intended effect.

It’s also key to consider how much of the rug will be seen. If it’s sitting underneath a large amount of furniture, beautiful patterns may go unnoticed. Look at the shape and size of the room and the existing furniture the rug will sit under in defining the best choice for your space.

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