How to Embrace the Mid-Century Trend: Key Style Notes to Look Out for

mid century interior design

Despite rising to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, mid-century modern design is still very much en vogue. Used in architecture, interior design, and graphic design, this aesthetic is all about high-quality craftsmanship, simple design, and clean lines.

Even if your home wasn’t built in mid-century modern style, you can replicate the aesthetic using furniture and decor. Keep reading to discover the basics of this hot design trend and learn how to incorporate it into your home.

Key principles of mid-century modern design

First, let’s look at the characteristics of mid-century modern design. Although the style originally started soon after World War II, it began to gain prominence in the 1950s. 

During this era, there was a significant focus on high-quality, well-made items – which is clearly seen in mid-century modern furniture. For example, teak was an extremely popular mid-century material, in part due to its durability. And because these pieces were built to last, you can still find many vintage teak items in use today.

At the same time, the mid-century modern aesthetic also places a large emphasis on simple and straightforward design. Before this style became popular, it was trendy for homes to feature ornate and overly decorated pieces. Mid-century modern went against this, using clean lines, geometric shapes, functionality, and an overall minimalist design.

Ideas for bringing mid-century modern design into your home

If you’re keen to embrace the mid-century modern trend for your home, there are a few simple ways to start. Begin with some of these essential pieces and build your collection until you’ve achieved the mid-century look.

Teak furniture

As mentioned, teak is a must-have material in mid-century modern homes. There are plenty of options for teak furniture, depending on which room you’re decorating. For lounge rooms, look out for wooden credenzas, armchairs, and coffee tables. If you’re bringing mid-century modern style into your bedroom, keep an eye out for teak nightstands and bed platforms.

Statement seating

Well-designed chairs and sofas are a key part of mid-century modern design. From sleek dining table chairs to plush curved sofas and the quintessentially mid-century Eames chair, this trend is all about functional (yet stylish) seating options.

Accent colours

Even though the mid-century modern colour palette is fairly muted, some designers like to use vibrant accent colours or patterns to spice up an otherwise neutral room. For example, you can make a mid-century bedroom more exciting by painting one wall lime green or pale pink. Or, for something that requires a bit less commitment, you can add an accent chair or rug with an eye-catching pattern.

Even though mid-century modern design is timeless and effortlessly chic, there is one caveat that’s worth mentioning. In some cases, sticking too closely to the mid-century theme can make your home feel a bit dated. Unless you’re extremely dedicated to the style, you’ll also want to mix in some more modern pieces to maintain a good balance between old and new.

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