How to Transform Your WFH Area into a Motivating and Productive Space

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Working from home offers many benefits, including no commute and more flexibility with your daily schedule. However, working remotely also has its drawbacks, with many people finding it difficult to concentrate as much as they would in an office.

Fortunately, there are some practical ways to transform your WFH space into a productive area. Keep reading to find our top tips for creating a home office that will keep you motivated throughout the workday.

Choose a quiet space

If maximum productivity is your goal, you’ll want to make sure that your WFH area is in a quiet space that’s separate from the rest of your home. Ideally, you should establish a designated WFH zone in an office or guest bedroom.

Of course, this isn’t always possible – particularly if you live in a small home or apartment. If you don’t have the room for a dedicated office, you should still set up your WFH space in a quiet area that’s free from distractions. If you live with others or have noisy neighbours, try using noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the external stimuli and stay focused on work.

Invest in the right equipment

When you’re at home, it can be tempting to work from your bed or your couch. However, these places are usually not conducive to a productive day’s work. Plus, working on a bed or sofa for hours at a time can be bad for your posture, potentially leading to neck and back pain.

If you’re going to be working from home regularly, it’s a good idea to invest in a proper home office setup. For starters, make sure you have a desk and chair that are the correct height for your body, so you aren’t hunched over or craning your neck upwards.

You should also purchase all of the tech equipment you need to do your job effectively, such as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. By investing in these items, you’re more likely to feel like you’re in a real office, which can kickstart your productivity.

Keep it clean and clutter-free

Another challenge of working from home is resisting the urge to tidy up or do housework during the day. If your workspace feels dirty or cluttered, it may be difficult to look past it and focus on your work.

For that reason, it’s important to keep your WFH space neat and clean at all times. During your regular house cleaning, remove any paperwork that’s piled up, dust off your desk, and vacuum the floor. By doing this, you’ll face less temptation to spruce up your office during the workday.

With remote work becoming standard for many of today’s professionals, some companies are offering allowances to help their employees create productive and comfortable WFH spaces. Check with your organisation to see if there are any such programs available for you.

If you’re thinking about moving house, having a dedicated office space is a massive perk for potential buyers. At Pabs, we can help you design a state-of-the-art WFH area that captures the attention of prospective buyers. Call us on 1800 20 10 20 to request a quote or learn more.

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