Lulworth St, Blackburn

Our recent Lulworth St, Blackburn project excited us from the first moment we stepped into this beautiful home. A charming and inviting four-bedroom family home, we immediately seized the opportunity to draw inspiration from the home’s original features, using those parameters to guide our selection process.

As property stylists responsible for home stagings, we’re always looking for the best way to create an environment where potential buyers can imagine themselves truly living in the property. At times, this can involve decluttering, rearranging furniture, or bringing in new furnishings that complement and enhance the property’s features. 

We turned to warm, earthy tones and layers in our design brief for the Lulworth St property. With four bedrooms offering an excellent proposition to family buyers, our goal was to elevate the homely feel of the property, creating a welcoming and inviting space to be in.


Elevating the living spaces

Our work began in the kitchen and living spaces, which followed an open-plan layout. We utilised a clever furniture configuration to bring in a six-seater dining suite. In the living room, a three-seater lounge was complemented by two single-seater chairs, an entertaining unit and a carefully placed coffee table, as well as a side table. We worked within the confines of the smaller lounge space to highlight how it could be maximised for easy family living and entertaining. 

By using calming natural tones, including greys, creams and greenery, the kitchen and living spaces were elevated to feel fresh and accessible. The use of muted earth tones added a touch of colour against these natural textiles, creating focal points and engagement that drew the eyes of potential buyers to the spaces we most wanted to emphasise.


Restful, welcoming bedrooms

This approach was carried through into each of the bedrooms, where a mixture of textures and colours was used to create warmth and welcome. The home’s beautiful timber floorboards played a key role in our design choices, with furniture placement highlighting this feature and rugs strategically placed to keep the floorboards visible.


We also made sure to highlight the oversized windows that exist in many of the home’s bedrooms. These exemplify the property’s beautiful traditional features, letting in much more light than standard windows do in many new builds. By framing these with sheer curtains and ensuring they remained free of furniture or clutter, we were able to demonstrate to buyers just how much natural light filtered through into the home throughout the day, highlighting one of its most beloved features.


The power of home staging

We knew our work was complete at Lulworth Street when stepping inside the home felt like finding a cocoon of calm. We know the new owners will enjoy the luxurious traditional design of this home for many years to come!

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