Master Bedroom Styling

Modern Master Bedroom With Bathroom And Dressing Room

There are many special places within your home, but no room is more personal than your master bedroom. Not only is it where you rest and restore, but it’s also a cosy little oasis where you can tuck away from the rest of the world.

In this article, we’ll offer four of our favourite tips to help you style your master bedroom. Keep reading to learn how to transform your room into a space that you genuinely love.

Bring in unique lighting

When styling a bedroom, you have the opportunity to play with fun lighting elements that you wouldn’t use in other places around your home. Instead of settling for built-in overhead lights, now is the time to get creative with lighting that makes a statement — rather than just blending in.

Whether you prefer a classic bedside table lamp, a sleek standing lamp, or even a showstopping chandelier, there are plenty of directions you can take. But regardless of which light fixture you choose, make sure that it emanates warm, ambient light to keep you relaxed — rather than harsh fluorescent tones that can trigger stress and anxiety.

Go big on your bed

Each room in your home must have a focal point, and your bed will naturally be the centre of attention in your bedroom. Luckily, you have plenty of options for making your bed stand out (and you don’t have to splurge on an expensive bed to make it happen).

While some people like the bold look of oversized headboards or four-poster beds, there are also other ways to highlight your bed. For example, you can paint your own “headboard” against the wall above your bed or add a brightly coloured quilt to attract the eye. Even investing in high-quality linens and pillows will make your bed look irresistibly comfortable, drawing attention when anyone walks into the room.

Add some greenery

In previous articles, we’ve explained how fresh plants and flowers can add a breath of fresh air into your home. While most people think about using foliage in their lounge rooms or kitchens, your master bedroom is another fantastic place to go green.

Need some inspiration? Your bedside table is the perfect spot for a freshly picked flower bouquet or a mini-cactus. If you want something a bit bigger, find an empty corner and fill it with a large pot plant, like a fiddle leaf fig or a snake plant.

Play with bold patterns and colours

It’s your bedroom — so why not add a bit of personality to it? Indulge your creative side by incorporating fun patterns, textures, and colours to create a one-of-a-kind space that’s uniquely yours.

If you’re a bit hesitant, try starting with a statement rug beneath your bed. Choose a pattern that complements the other decor in your room and build from there. Other fun design ideas could include printed wallpaper, an accent wall, or a painted ceiling.

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