Selecting the Right Sized Furniture to Suit the Space

Interior House With Simple White Background Mock Up. Grey Velvet Sofa With Green Plaid On . Modern Space Concept

Designing the interiors of the rooms in your home is of vital importance. Indeed, it will significantly affect how you feel in the space, how you relax, rest, eat, spend time with friends and family, and perhaps work. One of the key factors affecting how the room feels, is the spacing, especially as it pertains to proportions. Any place has the capacity to be comfortable and feel like home, as long as it’s put together the right way. A great place to start is portioning the size of the furniture; here are some tips for doing so:


Measure Before You Buy It

You may think that you can “eyeball it” and imagine how all the furniture pieces may fit into the spaces that you intend them for. However, this is a juvenile mistake. You must get that measuring tape out, see how much space you have in the place you want the piece to go, and match it to your options. The last thing you want is to rent or buy something, go through the trouble of hiring and scheduling movers or helpers, only to find you have to send it back.


Consider the Door

You also have to take door measurements, as well as elevator and staircase measurements. After all, you have to not only place your furniture in the rooms of your home, you have to get them into your home to begin with! Keep in mind that many pieces can be disassembled or folded up to get through. Just make sure if they are of a specific size, that they can be minimized; don’t only assume they can be.


Breathing Room

Just as you would frame a photograph, you should frame the spacing around your furniture, so you don’t feel cramped. Some people forget about this when choosing their sofa or bed, for example, and end up with one that devours the entire room. They can’t even get across the room! Make sure a sofa or bed doesn’t take up a whole room. Also, make sure all of the furniture is in scale with each other. While it may seem tempting to get that comfy couch, it may not fit in with everything else and the disproportionality will throw off the balance of the room.


Property Styling

If all this seems a bit overwhelming, or you are thinking of selling and really want to impress potential buyers, property styling is a great alternative. Pabs Property Styling and Furniture Rentals team of specialists are the experts when it comes to in property styling, home staging, interior decoration and furniture rentals.

It’s all too easy to fall in love with some furniture for the way it looks, or just the feeling it gives you. However, you must take into consideration how it will fit in your home and how it will fit in with the rest of your furniture.


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