Selling your property – The essential elements of a great sales campaign

Old property owner is giving keys to new property owner

Selling your house requires much more than just putting it on the market and waiting for a great offer to come in. Instead, you have to imagine your home sale as a sales campaign, complete with essential steps that you should take in order to achieve the sale.

A successful home sale incorporates several fundamental components, including effective marketing, finding the right agent and property styling. In this post, we’ll share why these three elements are critical to selling your home.


Effective marketing tactics

These days, there are many different ways that potential buyers can find out about your home. For example, someone could come across your listing online, through a website like Domain or, or they might find out about your property by driving past and seeing the “for sale” sign.

Your prospective buyers are everywhere, searching for properties online and in-person. That’s why your marketing strategy should encompass all of the possible channels that buyers use to search for homes, including website listings, online and physical advertising, open houses and more. By casting a wider net, you’ll attract the attention of more interested buyers and potentially get a better price for your home.


Knowledgeable real estate agent

Finding a knowledgeable real estate agent is another essential element of a successful home sale. Not only should your agent understand the current market and trends in real estate, but he or she should also know your local area exceptionally well.

If possible, look for an agent who has recently sold property near your home. That way, he or she will be familiar with average home prices nearby and recognise the unique selling points of your area that will bring in buyers.


Professional property styling

When prospective buyers walk into your property, you want them to feel at home right away. If you can help them envision a new life in your house, you’re more likely to achieve a sale. But it’s difficult for buyers to imagine your house as their possible new home when it’s empty and unfurnished.

That’s where property styling (also known as home staging) comes in. Professional property stylists expertly curate the right furniture, decor, art and accessories to showcase the unique nature of your home and make it stand out in buyers’ minds. Property styling enhances the look and feel of your property, turning your home into an attractive space for buyers and maximising its sale potential.

All in all, each of these three essential elements of a great sales campaign plays a critical role in how quickly you’re able to sell your house and how much money you can get for it. By leveraging effective marketing, a professional real estate agent and expert property styling, your home will undoubtedly stand apart from other houses on the market.


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