Spring Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

Spring Home Design Tips

Spring is in full swing in Australia, and now is the time to infuse life and freshness back into your home. The season is all about watching the flowers bloom, hearing the birds sing, and enjoying the warmer weather — and with a few essential design tips, you can bring that same vibrant energy into your home.

In this post, we’ve put together four spring design tips to freshen up your home. Take a look and learn how to introduce life and brightness into your home this spring.


Lighten up your bedroom and guest rooms

Give your bedrooms a spring refresh by swapping out your heavier bedding and blankets with lighter fabrics. As the days get warmer, there’s no need for flannel sheets and large doonas. Instead, replace them with more delicate textures like linen and cotton.

Not only will this improve your comfort at night, but it will also give your bedroom a visual lift that’s more in line with the fresh feel of spring. Choose light and neutral colours, like whites, creams, and pastels.


Accessorise with a pop of bright colour

Similarly, you can expand this spring-friendly colour palette to other rooms in your home. Look for standout pieces that bring a burst of colour to your lounge room, kitchen, and outdoor areas.

Whether it’s a bright blue chair, a light pink pillow, or a vibrant-hued rug, these small touches can add a bit of springtime whimsy to your home. This is a cost-effective way to liven up your house without investing in expensive new furniture or artwork.


Declutter every room in your home

It’s called spring cleaning for a reason! By getting rid of old books, well-worn clothes, and unused kitchen items, you’ll breathe a bit of life back into your cluttered spaces.

If you can, try to donate the items to your nearest second-hand store or sell them online. That will help you reduce waste while also brightening up your home for spring. With less mess around, your statement furniture and accessories will stand out even more, and you’ll achieve a fresh design look for spring.


Decorate with fresh foliage

No matter the season, flowers and plants always bring a breath of fresh air into your home (quite literally). But if you’re trying to achieve a spring design aesthetic, then fresh blooms are a must-have.

Head to your local flower shop or garden store to pick up spring flowers such as daffodils, hyacinth, lavender, and forget-me-nots. For a true spring feel, arrange them in a transparent or pastel-coloured vase and place them throughout your home.

By exchanging your heavy winter decor for lighter textures, bright colours, and fresh foliage, your home will instantly feel like a bright and airy springtime haven.

If you’re planning on selling your home during spring, it’s especially important to nail this aesthetic. Your prospective buyers will want to see that your home design feels lively and in line with the current season.


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