Styling with Rattan Furniture

Styling with Rattan Furniture

Whether you’re styling an indoor or outdoor space, you can’t go wrong with rattan furniture. Not only is rattan strong, durable, and lightweight, but it’s also on-trend material that easily blends in with other types of furniture and design styles.

In this post, we’ll offer three examples of how you can incorporate rattan furniture into your home. From the backyard to the bedroom to the bathroom, there’s no shortage of possibilities when it comes to styling with rattan.

Create an outdoor gathering place with rattan patio furniture

There are few things better than getting together with your loved ones outside on a warm summer night — as long as you have a comfortable place for everyone to relax. With a rattan patio set (including sofas and tables), you can create an outdoor area that can easily accommodate you and your guests.

In addition to bringing a stylish look to your patio, rattan is the perfect year-round furniture for backyards and garden areas because it can be made waterproof and UV-resistant. But if you’d rather not keep it outside all year long, it’s lightweight enough to pick up and easily store in your garage or shed.

Use rattan seating in your lounge room to create a natural, laid-back feel

Since rattan is a natural material, it tends to create an organic, laid-back ambience in your home (no matter if you buy authentic or synthetic rattan). By using rattan in your lounge room or another communal area, you can transform it into an inviting spot for your family and friends to gather.

For something subtle, place an oversized rattan chair in the corner of your room. Or for a bolder look, choose a sofa, loveseat, or chaise-style lounge. In either case, you can style your seating with colourful cushions and patterned pillows to pair the furniture with the rest of your home decor.

Add a small touch of rattan with a side table or lamp

If you don’t want to deck out your entire home in rattan, you can instead use it in smaller doses for a touch of style and sophistication. This allows you to incorporate the material into your interior design without it being overwhelming.

Want to bring rattan into your bedroom? Look for a simple bedside table or lamp that won’t overpower your other decor. Interested in using rattan in your bathroom or hallway? Shop around for a mirror, light fixture, or cabinet made from the material.

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