Tips to Sell your Home- How to Accentuate Architectural Features

Tips To Accentuate Architectural Elements

Distinctive architectural features offer an excellent opportunity to showcase what a house has to offer. Smart interior design around these features ensures that they become a focal point within a space, selling the potential buyers the life they could lead.

While older houses have an innate sense of history and character, contemporary homes also have compelling architectural features that, if enhanced, will catch a buyer’s attention.

From the front door to the picture window overlooking the back garden, all it takes is enhancing the saleable features in a way that makes them stand out for any prospective buyer.

From the moment prospective buyers enter the front door, they will begin to form their first impressions of the house, therefore, you will want to give them a sneak preview of what to expect. From its character, colour or doorknob, it’s essential to treat your front door in a way that commands interest and appeal. At the very least, the condition of the front door should be in tip-top shape and painted or treated well.

The entrance hall is also an all-important space when selling your house because it welcomes potential buyers in and gives the buyers their first impression of your internal space. Entrance halls with a staircase, double volume ceiling, or mouldings should be uncluttered and light, with wall art or floor coverings that draw the eye towards any of these features.

In the lounge, architectural focal points can range from the fireplace to a picture window or window seat. There are a variety of ways to draw attention to a fireplace. By incorporating these into your interior design, you can position the fireplace as the heart of the home.

A mantelpiece above the fireplace offers the perfect opportunity to place objects that generate interest, from vases to carefully selected décor accessories. Less is more so avoid over cluttering the space because this will overwhelm the buyer’s eye. Placing a decorative or stylish mirror or artwork above the fireplace also ensures the fireplace becomes the centre of attention in the lounge.

If it’s a floor to ceiling fireplace, you can make a focal point of it by painting it in a statement colour that draws your eye. Contemporary fireplaces require little more than a splash of colour to take pride of place, with an abstract art piece often doing the trick.

Very little beats the sense of spaciousness offered by a picture window, and so it is essential to dress it and position furniture to take advantage of the vistas, be they of the garden, patio, or views of the surrounds. Light and neutral coloured curtains will enhance and frame the window without detracting from the shape of the windows and views.

A window seat can offer an opportunity for buyers to imagine sitting comfortably and cosily, while basking in the sunlight, reading a book or enjoying the views. To achieve this effect, fill the seat with a comfortable cushion in a colourful pattern or tone that stands out from the other decor items and colours in the room. Scatter cushions can also add to the feeling of cosiness, as long as they don’t overwhelm the space.

Staging a home to draw attention to its best architectural features is not a difficult job; it just requires putting thought into what would best showcase the bestselling attributes of your house.


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