Transform the Bedroom With One of These 5 Luxe Bedhead Options

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When was the last time you replaced your bedhead? Even if you’re buying a new mattress every six to eight years as recommended, you probably aren’t switching out your bed frame or headboard – which means you’re likely overdue for a change.

For many people, bedheads are functional rather than decorative – but they don’t have to be. In this article, we’ve included five luxe bedheads options that will help you transform the entire look and feel of your bedroom.

Shelf bedhead

Whether you’re a bedtime reader or just need a bit more storage space, a headboard with built-in shelving is an excellent option. These types of bedheads combine style and function, providing a place for items such as books, decor, reading glasses, alarm clocks, and even small plants. Shelf bedheads are easy to find from furniture retailers, or you can create your own version by installing floating shelves above your bed.

Upholstered velvet bedhead

If you prefer a bold aesthetic, consider investing in an upholstered velvet bedhead. This timeless style immediately adds a layer of sophistication to any bedroom, pulling the room together with elegance. For even more dramatic flair, choose a rich colour like deep red, forest green, or sapphire blue.

Natural wood bedhead

Reconnect with nature by adding a natural wood bedhead to your room. There are countless ways to use wood in your bedhead, including buying a live-edge headboard. If you’re the DIY type, you can build your own wooden headboard from wood rounds or planks. Either way, a wood bedhead is guaranteed to add a rustic and cosy feel to your room.

Repurposed bedhead

Let’s face it: many bedheads are boring. If you’d like something a bit unusual, consider making your own bedhead out of repurposed items. For example, you can wedge a room divider between your mattress and the wall to create an instantly stylish headboard. Or, if they’re large enough, you can use an old door, window frame, or picture frame.

Tall bedhead

Tall, nearly ceiling-height headboards are another way to create a dramatic look in your bedroom. They’re harder to find in shops than traditional-sized bedheads, but there are a few retailers that sell them. Otherwise, you can create your own – using any type of fabric or material that you’d like. Upholstery and wood are two styles that lend themselves well to tall bedheads.

If you choose a statement bedhead (like an upholstered velvet or ceiling-height option), it will likely be the focal point of your room. Before selecting one, make sure that the rest of your bedroom furniture complements your headboard – and doesn’t compete with it.

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