Virtual Home Inspections: is it the Future of Property Sales Campaigns?

A Women Checking A Property On Her Tablet

In the era of COVID-19, it seems like nearly everything can now be done virtually — even home inspections. But even though virtual property inspections gained traction because of the pandemic, there is reason to believe that they will stick around after the current uncertainty ends.

In this post, we’ll provide an overview of virtual home inspections, including the pros and cons of showing your home online and some reasons why virtual inspections might be the future of property sales campaigns.

How virtual home inspections work

When a prospective buyer requests to view a property that’s for sale, they will coordinate with their real estate agent to get access to a virtual home inspection. The inspection is usually offered as a streaming video (via FaceTime or Zoom), where agents can guide buyers through the house to explore each room.

Many real estate agents have adopted new software and technology to facilitate digital inspections, which buyers generally find easy to use. For instance, some sellers create a 3D tour of their home, which allows interested parties to look at it on their own time and for however long they’d like. According to, properties with 3D tours are viewed for 52% longer than homes without them.

Pros and cons of virtual home inspections

Unlike in-person inspections, virtual ones can be done from anywhere. The initial purpose behind taking home inspections online was to limit the spread of COVID-19, but there are other unexpected perks too.

For example, virtual inspections are ideal for busy parents and workers who don’t have time to attend multiple inspections during their home search. They’re also excellent for people with compromised immune systems who would prefer to stay home and avoid coronavirus exposure.

If you’re selling your home, a virtual inspection experience can even help you attract more attention among potential buyers. Consider the property market in Melbourne, where in-person home inspections are not permitted due to stage four restrictions. Thanks to virtual inspections, agents can keep selling and are even attracting buyers from abroad.

On the downside, viewing a property online won’t give you the complete experience of what it would be like to live there. You won’t see how the sun hits your backyard in the afternoon, observe the neighbourhood noise levels, or notice all of the little details that enhance or detract from the property.

The future of property sales campaigns

Are virtual home inspections here to stay? Even after the virus is under control across Australia, virtual home inspections will likely remain as an option for prospective home buyers to some extent. It’s hard to argue with the safety and convenience that they offer in our busy lives.

But no matter if the experience is in-person or virtual, there are still some essential guidelines to abide by before you show your house. Most importantly, your home should be clean, welcoming, and well-styled, allowing your visitors to feel at home.

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