Why Furniture Rental is the Next Big Interior Trend

Furniture Rental Is The Next Big Interior Trend

As the overall rental economy has continued to grow, it’s no surprise that furniture rentals have become such a popular option for a wide range of consumers. Furniture rental offers not only a wide range of flexibility and choice but also an increased degree of sustainability. Renting furniture on a needs basis can offer a much better alternative to investing in pieces that may not serve your needs in a year. 

A November 2019 report from Adweek identified that 45% of consumers want to rent furniture. For some, the reason for renting was because of temporary housing or prohibitive purchasing prices; for others, it allowed them to host events at home or to change up the look or style. Furniture was identified as the #1 category that consumers rent, pointing to an ever-growing demand for great furniture rental options within a growing market.

Furniture rental offers many benefits to renters, enabling them to cultivate a sense of home in an accessible way. However, the benefits of furniture rentals only continue to grow. 

Furniture Rental Can Increase the Value of a Home Sale

If you’ve ever stepped into a display home, you’ve probably noticed that the furniture in it is fresh, and clean, and serves to accentuate the home’s strengths rather than overwhelming it. Display homes are professionally staged in order to show prospective purchasers just what life could be like in that home.

Did you know this professional treatment is available to any homeowner looking to sell? There’s no question that the right kind of furniture, property staging or home styling can significantly increase the sales value of your home. 

If you’re looking to sell your property, using a property styling service can remove the stress of preparing your home for professional photos and open homes and can serve to increase the perceived value of the home – ultimately leading to a higher sale price. 

Investing in property styling has been found to lead to an increase in return by 10%. Real estate agents have reported a return on the sale price that’s up to four times more than the investment in styling itself. There’s no doubt that it pays to bring in the professionals. 

Furniture Rental Complements Unexpected Changes and Different Preferences

Have you ever fallen in love with the perfect couch, only to move homes and find that it no longer suits the space? If you’ve invested significantly into key pieces, such as lounge, dining or outdoor sets, it can be disheartening – and costly – to find those pieces no longer suit (or fit!) a new home.

If there’s a chance you may be moving homes over the coming years, renting furniture instead of purchasing it outright gives you the full freedom you need to make changes should the unexpected occur. This is also of benefit to growing families, who may find themselves needing to accommodate very different needs within shared spaces over a relatively short amount of time. 

Furniture rental is also a fantastic option for those whose tastes may change over time. Instead of needing to fork out for a new piece, simply switching up your rental gives you full freedom over the styling and aesthetic of your home.

Consider furniture rental the more sustainable option as it reduces waste and items being sent to landfill as needs change or one-off items are purchased. Pabs keep pieces circulating so they live a full and storied life. 

Pabs has been serving Australian families through quality furniture rentals and property styling for over 60 years. Take a look at our extensive range of online furniture and find the keys to unlocking a whole new, sustainable level of comfort in your home. 

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