10 Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom design ideas - a Bathroom with big mirror, wooden cabinet, white bathtub and white basin

When it comes to home design, it seems that there’s always a large focus on bedrooms, lounge rooms, and common areas. Many times, bathrooms are overlooked — but it doesn’t have to be that way. In reality, it’s entirely possible to make your bathroom one of the most stylish rooms in your house. In this post, we will share 10 bathroom design ideas for turning your bathroom into a trendy and luxurious oasis. Take a look and get a bit of inspiration for your bathroom design.


Incorporate marble elements

Marble is often to add a sophisticated element and stylish edge in kitchens. But it can also be used in your bathroom design to bring in a feel of luxury. In your bathroom, try installing marble (or faux marble) countertops on your sink and vanity area to uplevel the entire feel of your bathroom.


Add fresh flowers and plants

One of the best ways to add life and vibrancy to your home is with fresh flowers or plants. They’re frequently used in kitchens and dining rooms, but they can also add an extra-special touch to your bathroom.


Install gold hardware and fixtures

Swapping out your dated hardware and fixtures is a simple DIY hack to infuse luxury into your bathroom. You can find gold or brass cabinet knobs and handles at your local hardware store and easily install them yourself.


Use artwork and decor

You don’t have to reserve trendy decor and artwork for your lounge room and bedroom. Instead, you can enhance your bathroom by bringing in your favourite paintings, sculptures, and other handmade items.


Bring in bold colours

Your bathroom is a great place to try out bold and vibrant colours. Whether it’s an accent wall, a patterned rug, or fun-coloured cabinets, you have room to be creative with the design of your bathroom.


Choose stylish lighting

Lighting is an important element of bathroom design, but it’s often ignored. By upgrading your existing light features, you can instantly add luxury and style to your bathroom. And with smart light bulbs, you can control the mood in your bathroom by increasing and decreasing the lighting level.


Splurge on a soaking tub

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, investing in a soaking tub is a great way to do it. These dramatic-looking tubs instantly become a centrepiece in your bathroom and can add value to your home down the line.


Install chic flooring

Bathrooms can get a bad reputation for being a bit boring, especially if your toilet, tub, and sink are all white or neutral colours. Break up the monotony and add an attractive edge with colourful or patterned tiles.


Add hidden storage

Storage is sometimes hard to come by in bathrooms. If you have the space for it, stylish storage elements (like wicker baskets and stand-alone cabinets) can help you tuck away toiletries to create a cleaner, more minimalistic look.

Open up the room with mirrors

Interior designers rely on mirrors and glass to open up small spaces. Since bathrooms are often on the smaller side, using this age-old design trick is an easy way to make your room feel larger.


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