Five Ways to Make your Bathroom Look Luxurious

A bathroom sets the tone for the rest of the house, even though it may not be the first room you enter. It’s the one space where you get to retreat and unwind after a long day – and if you can do this in a beautiful space, all the better.

Whether you want to renovate your existing bathroom or redecorate it, there are many ways to create a bathroom where visitors can envisage spending time in a hot bubble bath or getting ready for an evening out in front of a mirror.

Fixtures set the tone

The fixtures, including the bath, toilet, vanity basins, and storage units, will provide the foundation for the bathroom’s look and feel. You’ll need to decide whether the existing fixtures in the bathroom are something you can work with or whether you need to replace them.

If the fixtures already installed have clean, simple lines and muted tones, you can add layers of luxury by introducing accessories and other fittings. However, if the hardware is worn out or unsightly, it would be worthwhile replacing them if you have the budget.

The ideal would be to have a signature bathtub, either a freestanding, claw foot bathtub, or the contemporary version of one, and matching toilet and hand basins. The more ornate the fittings, the less you will need to accessorise the rest of the bathroom.

Lighting up the experience

The lighting you choose will go a long way in creating the sense of luxury you are aiming for in the bathroom. Options range from a chandelier hanging over the bathtub through to wall lights that create a soft, welcoming space. Wall lighting tends to take precedence in a bathroom because it casts a more flattering light than a ceiling light. But a chandelier does introduce a sense of grandeur if that’s the look you would like to achieve.

Colour and pattern define the design

A bathroom is the one place where you can be more adventurous with either the floor or wall tiling. You can make a statement with a black and white checkerboard floor, a floor design option that is timeless but harks back to the 1680s.

White subway tiles have become increasingly popular on the walls and will give the bathroom a classic feel and leeway to introduce other items of interest and some colour. A feature wall with wallpaper can add a sense of drama and originality, especially in the powder room. When choosing the colours and patterns, be conscious that they could become over wsdsddssdhelming if the bathrooms have limited space. 


Add the finishing touches

You can transform a bathroom by introducing a range of luxurious accessories. From hotel quality, fluffy white bath sheets, and hand wash and hand cream, to bath salts in a beautiful jar and a scented diffuser, anyone stepping into the bathroom will relish the sumptuousness and scents these evoke.

Functional and fabulous storage by design

Not only is storage essential to keep all the toiletries and towels out of sight, but depending on your choice, it can add a degree of opulence to the bathroom. You can display your towels and items in elegant shelving units or pack them away out of sight in contemporary fitted bathroom cabinets or freestanding antique units, depending on your design theme.

It is well worth your time and effort creating a luxurious space in which your potential buyers can imagine themselves. Doing so could see them become the new owners sooner than you think.

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