3 Factors to Consider When Staging a Home for Sale

Staging a Home for Sale

When you are selling your home, you want to maximise the sale price and improve your chances of a prompt sale. To achieve a lucrative sale, your home must stand out in a competitive market and draw an emotional connection with potential buyers.

Property styling involves the expert selection and placement of furniture, furnishings and accessories to improve the property’s appeal. Property styling should not to be confused with interior decoration. A decorator will work to create a personalised environment for their client, whereas a property stylist’s role is quite the opposite. The aim is to neutralise a home and “depersonalise” it, using styling techniques that will appeal to the broadest possible segment of the buying market.

Pabs property styling will increase the overall appearance of your home and in turn, the likelihood of selling for top dollar. Our team of specialists in property styling utilise techniques to bring out the best features of your property and to create the emotional connection that lets you maximise the value of your property in an oversaturated market.

There are three key factors that should never be overlooked when placing a property on the market:

1. First impressions count:

Potential buyer’s expectations are high when viewing properties. They want to be ‘wowed’ from the moment they first see photos online to when they visit the property. Purchasing real estate can be a largely emotional decision and a potential buyer can essentially make their mind up about a property in the first 30 seconds of viewing it, making that first impression is vital.

2. Sell a lifestyle:

Potential buyers won’t make a personal connection with a shell of space, nor are they likely to identify with your personal knick-knacks and beloved keepsakes. They want to be able to envision the life they will have once they’ve moved in. This is where a professional stylist’s expertise is most valuable, as our job is appeal to the prospective buyer by enabling an emotional connection with the lifestyle they aspire to achieve.

3. The ‘smoke and mirrors’ effect:

When it comes to styling older properties, the furnishing acts as a distraction from any potential flaws that are likely to drive down the sale price. If there is no furniture or furnishings to distract the eye, the crack near the architrave or the old window frames becomes glaringly obvious. Likewise, outdated furniture will make the whole property appear old-fashioned. By simply replacing a worn out sofa with a clean, modern one, or adding some bright scatter cushions you can instantly reinvigorate a room. Even the oldest house on the block can appear fresh and contemporary with the right furnishing.

Pabs team of qualified stylists have a thorough understanding of the property market and what it takes to make your home stand out against the rest. With our knowledge on how to perfectly compliment your home’s aesthetics, you can be sure no details are left to chance.

For more information or to book an obligation free site visit and quote, call us on 1800 20 10 20 or visit one of our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to speak with a property stylist in person.


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