3 Tips for Boosting Productivity in Your Home Office: Style Secrets


Attractive Businesswoman Sitting Indoors In Office, Stretching.

A December 2022 article by SmartCompany identified that work-from-home options continued to dominate employee searches, with many Australians now having more than three years to get used to a work-from-home setup. While some employers may have hoped for a full return to the office, working from home continues to become the new norm, allowing for more lifestyle flexibility and a greater geographical range in where people establish their home base. 

We may be used to regular Zoom meetings and online collaborations, but it might be time to give the home office some attention. If your home office isn’t comfortably designed for maximum efficiency and productivity, you could prompt issues with your focus, ongoing problems with your posture and an increase in your daily stress levels.

Tackling your home office styling and furnishing doesn’t need to break the bank. With a few strategic changes, you can set yourself up for easy, efficient work sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Clarify your needs

Before you get lost in a sea of Pinterest inspiration, it’s important to clarify what an efficient, productive and comfortable workspace means to you (and to the particular work that you do).

If you spend a lot of time in online meetings, you’ll need to consider how your space is protected from interruption, well-lit, and ventilated so you can keep comfortable across hours of conversation. If you’re a designer, you may need a larger desk that provides enough space for a drawing tablet, as well as a computer and a monitor. 

Choose the best furniture for your needs

Too many home office designs focus on aesthetics over functionality. Given how much time you’re likely to spend in the work zone, finding furniture that supports your physical needs, as well as your design preferences, is key.

Various-sized desks can account for the surface space particular to your needs, and sit-to-stand desks offer variety in how you can approach your working day. When it comes to chairs, an ergonomic chair that promotes a healthy posture is crucial. Look for a chair that’s adjustable and that will appropriately support your posture through a full day of work.

You may want to consider a ‘break-out space’ for your home office, replicating the working spaces you may have utilised before working from home. A lounge, sitting area or an outdoor entertaining space can all be useful in working. Benefit from a fresh change of scenery, and furniture that’s designed for comfort and ergonomic support can help you to make the most of these spaces.

Don’t forget about the lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in supporting a welcoming, productive environment within your home office. If you can work somewhere with natural light, you’ll be able to support your focus, reduce eye strain and encourage a sense of ease as you step into your workspace. 

For rooms that don’t have a lot of natural light, ambient and accent lighting can be used to light up your office while minimising the harshness that can follow overhead lights. Play with lighting dark corners of your office – you’ll benefit from both the visual appeal of strategically placed lighting and the natural support for your eyes as they focus on the monitor.

Home offices on a budget

Your dream home office can come to life even within a tight budget, thanks to furniture rentals. Pabs offers a complete range of home office furniture needs, including desks, lamps, sofas, soft furnishings and more, with many of our pieces regularly used in home staging and property styling packages. Build a home office environment that’s set up for streamlined productivity with a custom furniture rental package from Pabs.