3 Tips for Identifying Your Personal Interior Design Aesthetic

Interior Design Aesthetic

If you’ve got Pinterest boards overflowing with saved images, but you can’t decide between a minimalist approach or a neon-drenched lounge room, your personal interior design aesthetic may need some refining. It’s all too common for us to fall in love with multiple styles, only to hit a wall when it comes to actually making and implementing design decisions.

Figuring out your personal interior design aesthetic is a little like finding your food preferences – a bit of taste testing, experiencing new discoveries, and keeping an open mind as you come across new ideas. If you’ve got no idea what your interior design style is, there’s no need to stress. These three tips can help you identify what it is that you love, what you’d never go for, and how you can put that taste into action.

Tip 1: Consider How You Want Your Home to Feel

Picture yourself arriving home at the end of a long day. Work was busy, the highway was crowded, and you’re eager to pour a glass of wine and settle in on the couch.

What does that room feel like? Does it feel relaxed, or eclectic? Does everything have a place, or does it move and shift over time? What kinds of colours are you seeing? Is it a formal room, or one that’s more experimental?

By considering how you’d like to experience your space emotionally, you can use these feelings as a guiding light in navigating the complex web of conflicting design choices. Perhaps you’d like that room to feel like an Airbnb you once visited or a favourite restaurant. These clues can be vital in leading us in the right design direction for our personal preferences and ensuring our spaces are customised to our individual needs.

Tip 2: Familiarise Yourself With Design Key Terms

Grandmillennial. Maximalism. Organic modern. Industrial interiors. These terms are just a few within the sea of interior design phrases that each point to different interior design styles. By familiarising yourself with a wide range of interior design phrases and key terms, you’ll be able to communicate your preferences much more clearly to those who may assist you in your design process. You’ll also be armed with the right phrases for your online searches, giving you access to a wide range of inspirational images and references that you can test against your gut instinct. 

Tip 3: Make Decisions That Are Reversible

If you’re not sure which desi gn style is going to suit your needs over the long term, don’t invest tens of thousands of dollars into furniture that you’re unsure about.

Pabs allows you to test a wide variety of interior design aesthetics, enabling homeowners and those in the property styling and home staging fields alike to access affordable and convenient furniture rentals. With new furniture added on a regular basis, Pabs offers modern, stylish furniture options with prompt delivery.

Find Pabs’ wide range of beautiful furniture here. It’s never been easier to discover your own interior design aesthetic.

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