4 Benefits of Home Staging: Could it Help You?

4 Benefits of Home Staging

If you’ve ever sold a residential property, you’ll know just how much goes into achieving a great sale: strategic marketing campaigns, carefully timed open homes and, for many sellers, home staging.

Home staging is rapidly growing as a crucial step in ensuring homes are presented at their full potential throughout the sale process. By focusing on the home’s aesthetics and highlighting its core features, home staging can help achieve the kinds of sales buyers are hoping for within rapid and heated markets.

Not familiar with home staging? It’s all about using art, furniture and strategic homeware to enhance a home’s aesthetics. Home staging experts work in consultation with the seller, analysing the space to recommend specific interior design choices that will elevate its impact in photos and throughout inspections.

Home staging and property styling offer plenty of benefits, including:


Potential increases in sale prices

By elevating the aesthetics of a home through expert design choices and furniture rental, buyers are often more likely to increase their offer prices. The perceived (and actual) value of a home can be significantly increased through strategic home staging choices that demonstrate just how liveable the space is, as well as highlighting its best features.


An increase in interest

When homes sit on the market for too long, it can raise questions in the minds of buyers. Importantly, they may start to ask, what’s wrong with it?

Homes that are staged are more likely to achieve a faster sale than a vacant home, with buyers much more willing to visualise themselves at home within the space. Thoughtful furniture rentals can make a world of difference in creating interest that leads to an effective sales campaign.


Staging can create distinction in the market

Given how large an investment it can be to purchase a home, potential buyers are likely to be visiting multiple listings. Home staging can dramatically increase your property’s chance of leaving a memorable impression – whether it’s a carefully chosen piece of artwork or a rental lounge set, you’re giving prospective buyers more opportunities to connect with details within your space.


Maximise the features, minimise the downsides

Does your home have beautiful, oversized windows in the living room but a lack of natural light in the back bedroom? Do you have an incredible outdoor space but no storage in the office? A professional home stager will analyse your home with new eyes, looking at the features that are most important to highlight and those which are best to minimise. This can have a major impact not only on initial impressions, but also on the quality of offers buyers are putting on the table.


Property styling and home staging with Pabs

Pabs’ team of specialists bring extensive experience in property styling, home staging, interior decoration and furniture rentals. Our expert advice and home staging services take the stress out of presenting your home to the market in its best light. Contact our team today to learn how home staging can capture attention, wow your buyers and achieve a fantastic sales price.


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