6 Tips for Relocating Within Australia: How to Plan, Prepare and Make a New Home

Tips For Relocating Within Australia

Relocating cities within Australia can be a major task and feel overwhelming. It’s daunting, and people often don’t know where to start or what process to consider first. Here at Pabs, we’ve seen these emotions many times. However, when people come to us for property styling, they’re usually almost done with their relocation journey. We like to think we add the finishing touches.

Whilst we can’t be there for the beginning stages of your relocation, we’ve put together our best tips and tricks on how you can relocate cities without having it be unnecessarily stressful.

Get the important stuff done and sorted

Whilst organising the finer details can be a pain, ensure you keep all medical and bank institutions in the loop. Save yourself the headache and do all of this first – notify companies that you’ll be moving and cancel any subscriptions or memberships before arriving in your new state. That way, you can avoid doing it last minute on the plane or car ride over. 

Declutter (start earlier than what you need to)

Once you have a set date of when you’ll move, work back from it. Often when decluttering, it gets left to the last minute. Like a big project at work, get your moving date and work your timeline backwards.

Use each week or weekend leading up to the date to tackle a room in the house. If you take the time to declutter, you might as well pack away as you go. That way, you won’t need to double-handle items. Pack away items you know you won’t need leading up to the move.

Get organising

Now, when we say the words decluttering and organising, what comes to mind? Do you suddenly think of Marie Kondo and the Kon Mari method? How’d we know, right? She’s taken the world by storm, and for a good reason. The organising method of Kon Mari brought to light by Marie Kondo breaks down organising, so the overall task doesn’t seem unachievable. This is how we recommend you organise before relocating:   


Think of cleaning out your wardrobe before you move as a form of spring cleaning. Take out sections and slowly work your way through. What do you actually wear? What can go to a better home? This is a great chance to pack up what you know you won’t be wearing over the next few months.

Books and Papers

Avid bookworms might have an overwhelming amount of books (maybe consider creating a cosy reading nook for your downtime in your new home). The rest of us likely only have a few. Again, take the time to see what you’re happy to keep, and accept that it might be time to let some things go.

This is also great for getting all your essential papers and documents together. Everything in one place will make for a much more organised and accessible transition.

Miscellaneous and sentimental items

If you’re relocating, sentimental items might be the last to get packed up. Think of these as a friendly emotional goodbye and a readiness to move and start a new journey.

Make a list

Who doesn’t love a list? For anyone who has relocated previously, we’re sure you’ve said ‘we need that’ or ‘can’t forget to book that’. Make a list, whether that be on your phone or good old pen and paper. Write down all the important things you need to book, buy or take care of prior to your move. It will take the stress away of trying to remember everything.

You’ll also want to consider how shipping will affect the move. This can affect what furniture you will end up taking. With the current state of the world and the push for more sustainable systems, consider renting key pieces of furniture so you can have that breathing room when you arrive.

If you’re unsure about what you need, head to the Pabs website, where you can enter your state and how long you’ll need to rent items. Pabs will only show you what’s in stock, so you won’t get caught off guard when you go to your cart.

Home Staging

Once you’ve organised, and packed, now it’s time to upscale and sell your home. Trying to work within the timeline of relocating and selling a beautifully furnished home doesn’t usually work to a tee.

Having your home staged is a great way to demonstrate the lifestyle potential that the property has whilst also creating an emotional connection with prospective buyers. Pabs comes in and completes all your home staging needs for you. Not only is it a great way to increase the potential of the sale, but we work with you to show off your property’s best features and disguise imperfections where needed.

Relocation Packs

When relocating, Pabs understands that furniture can get delayed due to shipping, or you may have accidentally measured wrong, and now the couch doesn’t fit into the space you need. We offer relocation packs at various budgets that are catered to the timeframe that suits you.

Although Pabs offers home staging rentals and property styling, our relocation packs are filled with pretty and practical items. We stock everything from linens, white goods, and kitchen utensils.

To ensure prompt delivery, we have our own in-house logistics team and fleet of delivery trucks, so you can feel right at home as soon as you walk through the door. Relocation packs are a great alternative if you’re waiting on your furniture to arrive, you’re keen to get into your new place, and you don’t want to spend extra cash on a hotel or serviced apartment. They’re the perfect solution when you’re ready to settle into your new home. We’re flexible, so we work with you and what you need, tailoring a package to suit your needs.

If you need your home staged, furniture rentals or a relocation pack, get in touch with one of our friendly team members to help you with any questions or click here for an instant quote.

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