7 Considerations for Creating a Hamptons Inspired Interior

More Australians are embracing a beachy Hamptons-style aesthetic when it comes to decorating and home staging. Follow these simple steps to create your own coastal retreat.

With more than 80 per cent of Australians living within 100 kilometres of the coast, it’s easy to understand why the laid-back beach vibes, light-drenched interiors, and rustic influences of a Hamptons-style home speak to our close relationship with the land and sea. From Barwon Heads to Bondi, more Australian home renovators are taking a page out of the Long Island playbook to create their beachy family oasis. With its blend of ‘contemporary meets classic,’ there is enough flexibility in a Hamptons-inspired aesthetic to put your own personal stamp on your home staging, while still appealing to crowds of prospective buyers. 

Follow these simple tips on how to incorporate a Hamptons feel into your property styling: 

Soothing coastal colour palettes

There is nothing like a lick of paint to freshen up your home before a sales campaign. If you are embracing classic Hamptons styling, opt for neutrals ranging from sandy creams and linen tones to soft greys and ocean-inspired hues. When it comes to cushions and throws, embrace the nautical vibe by alternating whites and blues.   

Driftwood tones

Nothing says coastal like sun-bleached driftwood. Consider adding coastal character to your home by bleaching or lime-washing timber floors and incorporating statement natural wood or whitewashed furniture. 

Oversized furniture

Go big when it comes to sofas and ottomans; they are the heroes in any living room and help prospective buyers envisage relaxing with family and friends. When showcasing a statement dining table, consider reclaimed timber options to create a rustic, homely ‘farmhouse’ feel. Tapping into the hybrid design features of Hamptons décor, balance modern pieces with rustic, imperfect elements. 

Natural textures

Add warmth and texture to wooden floors by incorporating rugs. Neutral colours and natural fibres work best when creating a coastal feel. You could also get creative with colour and pattern when layering rugs together.   


Installing coastal-themed photographic wall art or prints that align with a neutral colour palette is one of the simplest ways to add a relaxed holiday feel to your home.   


If you are lucky enough to have a freestanding bathtub or are considering a bathroom remodel, make the most of a luxe spa aesthetic. Keep colour schemes light and bright with whites and greys, interspersed with natural elements such as timber or marble. You might also consider investing in new on-trend matte black tapware to provide a pleasing black-and-white contrast. Other subtle nods to a nautical theme could include incorporating a few accent pieces such as seashells, driftwood, or other marine-inspired artefacts. 


Bring the outside indoors by incorporating clusters of greenery. Incorporating lush tropical foliage such as palms will add freshness to any space and create a relaxed beach house vibe. 

Whether you are looking to deck out your entire property in a Hamptons-inspired aesthetic, or simply want to anchor a room with a statement piece, Pabs Property Styling and Furniture Rentals are here to meet all your home staging needs. Contact our experienced and friendly team at Pabs today to learn more or book your style consultation.

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