An Introduction to Interior Design Styles: Part 2

Welcome to interior design styles part 2.

This blog will continue to offer guidance into the most sought-after interior design styles.



Colorful Painting Above Sofa In Living Room Interior With Armcha

Modern design refers to the specific period from the early to mid-twentieth century. ‘Form follows function’ is the governing principle of modernist designs. The style celebrates functional objects, natural materials and sleek silhouettes. Neutral palettes, natural light and open floor plans are typical features of modern decor.



contemporary interior decoration

Contemporary encompasses a range of interior styles to current design trends. Contemporary style is often confused with modern interior design styles, but unlike modern decor, contemporary interiors are more fluid than modern ones which usually adhere to a strict interpretation 20th-century design.

Contemporary is ever-evolving and seeks inspiration from a variety of interior styles such as minimalism, art deco and other styles. Stark contrasts, geometric elements, and curving lines are some of the characteristics.



Retro decoration

Retro interiors pay homage to the styles that belonged to the decades between the 1950s and the 1980s. Retro style is lively with a sense of nostalgia; bright colours, bold designs, and funky patterns.

Retro interiors are full of personality, while retro-inspired interiors are more subdued as pops of colour come from unique pieces of artwork and furnishings. If you want to achieve a retro-inspired look, upholstery, wallpaper or paint can be an understated way of adding bold colours and patterns to the interior.


Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic property styling

This look alludes to the industrial era, standard features include open-plan spaces with exposed surfaces, brick walls, and distressed elements. Although an industrial space will often have a vintage and rugged aesthetic, whether the interior is light and elegant or dim and moody depends on one’s style.

For a chic urban look, furnishings such as a crystal chandelier, graphic art or metal accents can add some flair to an industrial space. If you aren’t keen for an entire industrial look, try incorporating a few pieces for an element of industrial chic.


Art Deco

Art Deco

Art Deco, short for Arts Decoratifs, is not only an interior style, but also encompasses visual arts, architecture, and design. A precursor to mid-century modern style, this elaborate style is characterised by bold geometric patterns, ornate furniture designs with chrome detailing—especially gold and mirrored pieces—and high contrast colour palette mixed with bright and vibrant shades.




An eclectic space is a unique aesthetic. By layering lively colours, textures, and even styles, you can achieve a one-of-a-kind look sure to make your home stand out. Sticking to a single colour palette and incorporating small accents throughout your home will add personality without being overbearing. Done right, eclectic interior styling can be enthralling and chic.



Minimal interior design

The minimalist concept is more popular than ever in this day and age. It simplifies notions of modern design further. Less is more; neutral colour palettes, streamlined furnishings, ultra-clean lines and simple décor are central to minimalism. The principals of minimalism are functionality without excess, even adopting a few elements of minimalism can refine your space.


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