Create a Hygge-Inspired Interior this Winter: 4 Tips to Follow

Swedish Concept Of Hygge

With the countdown to the winter season fast approaching, it’s time to embrace all things hygge (pronounced Hoog-uh), the Danish lifestyle concept of convivial cosiness. When it comes to escaping the winter blues, there is no better antidote than embracing the simple pleasures of cosying up at home in front of an open fire, becoming absorbed in a favourite book, or indulging in fine food and drink with family and friends. As the temperature drops, it’s time to channel your inner homebody and bring a new dimension of comfort to your home.

Hygge 101

No doubt you have heard of the Danish phenomenon of hygge, which roughly translates to cosy homeliness. Hygge is both a mentality, way of life, and design concept. It is not so much about décor itself but the feeling of contentment and relaxation that a home creates for its occupants.

It’s no surprise then that hygge has become a leading design trend in the interiors world as far as property styling is concerned. Create a warm and cosy cocoon for prospective buyers; encourage them to linger for a little longer. 

Hygge style staples include anything and everything that spells homely comfort, from oversized armchairs and plush sofas to faux fur and chunky knit blankets.   


Nothing says Scandinavian snugness like a roaring fireplace, plush blankets and throws, candlelit ambience, and inviting soft furnishings. It’s all about adding layers of texture to an otherwise minimalist aesthetic. Warm up wooden floors and define a living space by layering rugs. If you want to go all out, you could even create a hyggekrog (Danish for cosy reading nook) with a sumptuous chair or chaise positioned near a window, with pillows and ultra-soft merino or cashmere throws. You can also bring warmth to outdoor spaces by staging a cosy sitting area around a firepit, giving a distinctly Australian flavour to the hygge lifestyle.

Bringing the Natural World Inside

It might be cold outside, but we can always bring the airiness and serenity of the natural world inside. Simple hacks include incorporating indoor plants (wintery botanicals such as eucalyptus work well), baskets of firewood, or a wooden table centrepiece. The Scandinavians love natural finishes and textures in the home, so consider including elements such as copper, wood, glass, stone, or clay in your home staging.

A Hygge Colour Palette

Opt for monochrome and hushed earthy tonal shades to create a calm, serene space. White is great for making your home feel airier, and pastels inspired by nature, such as grey blues or grey greens, are ideal for brightening up a space.

The Importance of Decluttering

Anything that doesn’t add to the comfort and simplicity of your home should be put aside. As well as adding hygge touches, it is important to reduce clutter in the form of overcrowded shelves, excess furniture or toys, and hide any cords or cables out of sight. 

If you want to embrace the cosy aesthetic of hygge living that exudes warmth and comfort, Pabs Property Styling and Furniture Rentals are here to meet all your home staging needs. Contact our experienced and friendly team at Pabs today to learn more or book your style consultation.

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