Creating an Inviting Entrance Hall

Creating an Inviting Entrance Hall

First impressions count, and that is mostly the case when you invite guests into your house for the first time or when you are trying to sell it. With that in mind, a welcoming and visually appealing entrance hall will do wonders for how visitors feel about your home.

Ideally, you need to decorate your entrance hall in a way that provides a seamless flow from the entrance to the rest of the house. If the rest of your home has a sleek, modern and simple aesthetic, a boho-inspired entrance hall would, in most instances, create a disjointed experience for the visitor.

In decorating your entrance hall, you will need to consider both the décor style and functionality best suited to the outcome you are hoping to achieve. Do you want to create a sense of drama? Or are the practicalities of removing shoes and hanging up coats as important as the look and feel of the room?

Once you’ve decided on the style you want to achieve, it comes down to incorporating the various elements of interior design and taking the practicality of the space into account.

Entrance halls are usually smaller than the other entertainment spaces in the house. To create a sense of spaciousness and a bright, inviting ambience, you can strategically place mirrors, lighting and art. The colour of the walls also play an essential role in lightening and brightening the entrance hall. A feature wall, covered in distinctive wallpaper or painted in a bold colour, can also add a strong visual statement to the design.

Mirrors open up space by reflecting the rest of the room and lighting. They can also become an iconic feature piece in areas that are too small to accommodate too many décor items. Artworks and accessories also add a sense of personality and individuality, while adding energy and vibrancy to the entrance hall.

Given the more limited floor space available, the furniture you choose will need to work hard for the area it takes up in the entrance hall. A table should be both a visual feature that doesn’t overwhelm the space and a place to display décor items, for instance, a lamp or storage for things like mail, keys and gloves.

Practical considerations you need to take into account in an entrance hall are whether there is enough space to provide seating so that visitors can remove their shoes comfortably before entering your house. Storage is also a key consideration, be it space for umbrellas and coats or shoes. Where the house has more than one floor, stairs often descend into the entrance hall and provide the opportunity for cupboards or shelving under the stairs.

The flooring in the entrance hall also plays an essential role in influencing the feel of the room as you enter through the front door. A good quality doormat is a must-have to prevent dirt from being traipsed into the entrance hall. A rug adds colour and texture. It also collects any remaining dirt as visitors walk through to the rest of the house.

When putting together your desired entrance hall, remember that it’s not just about achieving the right look and feel. It is also a space that needs to work well as a practical thoroughfare from the front door to the rest of the house.

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