Creative Home Storage Ideas to Maximise Space

Creative Home Storage Ideas to Maximise Space

When space is limited, you need to make the most of every nook and cranny. This can be easily achieved with storage solutions, read on for some great storage tips that you may not have thought of before.


Shelving is your best friend when you are looking to add extra storage to any room in your home. It’s versatile, and you can place these in areas you wouldn’t have utilised before.

For instance, bookshelves can be placed above and around entrances to your rooms, creating a feature wall. They can be put at the end of your bed or above your headboard. You can also get that library feeling by creating a wall of books that surrounds your fireplace and chimney.

Also, shelving can fit any space, with small, narrow shelves ideal for those tiny places that would otherwise be unused.

Ladders are also useful shelving solutions for small spaces like bathrooms. Their tiered structure prevents them from imposing on the area as the shelves get narrower from the bottom to the top.

Double-duty furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage creates valuable additional space to stash goods. It is easily accessible, as well as out of sight. The most obvious furniture storage solutions are drawers built into, and under, your bed. Benches and ottomans can double as storage, in which you can keep your extra bedding, magazines or other items that would otherwise take up valuable space.

Beyond the obvious, there are many different ways to use furniture as storage. Think about hiding storage in your headboard so that it is comfortable, visually pleasing and useful. Side drawers can slide in and out when you need to access them. Bookshelves can also be used as room dividers.

Hanging solutions

You can make clever use of the expansive space offered by walls to hang items on hooks or keep them in multi-purpose hanging baskets. Summer hats and bags are bulky items that can take up a lot of space in your cupboard so display them on hooks on a spare wall. You can even hang your bicycle on a sturdy wall hook and make it a design feature in your lounge or office. In the bedroom, a specially designed hairdryer hook allows you to store your hairdryer or straightener safely and conveniently.

Wall-mounted cubes are also a great storage solution because they provide valuable places to keep items but don’t have doors that take up additional space. In the office, smart slim wire baskets with hooks allow you to keep stationery and journals accessible and neatly stored.

Behind-the-door storage

There are a variety of creative storage solutions that take advantage of the usually forgotten space behind doors. From laundry bags, shoe racks and handbag hangers to tool organisers, the options are endless.

In the kitchen, you can store away your foil and plastic wrap in an organiser attached to your sink cabinet door. In the pantry, you can create a storage rack where you keep store spices and condiments.

These easy and creative storage ideas are both functional and appealing and will help maximise your space.

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