Embrace These 6 Styling Tips for Small Apartment Balconies

Balcony Styling

If you live in a small apartment in the city, having a balcony is a game-changer. Even if it’s small, sitting on your balcony encourages you to switch up your surroundings, soak up some sunshine, and take a breath of fresh air.

However, styling these compact spaces can be a challenge. You’ll want to achieve a balance between comfort and cosiness – without feeling too cramped. In this article, we’ll share six of our top tips for bringing style to your small apartment balcony.

Decorate your wall space

When you don’t have a ton of floor space, you need to think creatively. In these situations, you can use your vertical wall space to add decor and infuse personality into your outdoor area. For example, hang planter boxes, fairy lights, or artwork on a balcony wall to spice up the space and make it feel uniquely yours.

Add style with flooring

Similarly, you can use flooring to take advantage of the floor space that you do have. There are endless flooring options to consider, including printed outdoor rugs, patterned tiles, faux grass, and stone. You can choose a flooring style that blends in with the rest of your decor, or select a bold option that stands out and makes a statement.

Incorporate greenery

With a few plants, you can make your small apartment balcony feel a bit more outdoorsy. Whether you prefer large floor plants, hanging greenery, tall bamboo, or vibrant-coloured flowers, you can use this foliage to brighten up your balcony and bring you one step closer to nature.

Choose a small table

Comfortable seating is a must-have on a balcony, but you don’t always need a full-size table. Instead, look for a cafe-style table, coffee table, or even a small side table – as long as it’s big enough for a cup of coffee and a book (or whatever else you need to relax outside).

Use a mix of textures

Looking to design a dynamic and visually appealing outdoor space? Experiment with different textures on your balcony. From cotton pillows to glass tables and woven rugs, mixing and matching these diverse textures can add dimension and create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Set up smart storage solutions

In small spaces, it’s critical to incorporate storage wisely. You can add extra storage to your balcony by building cupboards beneath your seating, installing shelves along your wall, or tucking hoses and gardening tools into a planter.

When styled correctly, balconies can add extra value to your living space – especially if you’re thinking about selling your apartment. In today’s competitive housing market, prospective buyers expect every part of your home to be styled impeccably (including your outdoor areas). That’s where Pabs can help.

Pabs provides property styling and home staging services to help owners increase the appeal of their homes and apartments and achieve a superior sale. Our team of home styling professionals will work closely with you to bring out the unique aspects of your property and make it irresistible to potential buyers.

To learn more or request a quote, visit our website or ring us on 1800 20 10 20.

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