Greenery Matters: How Your Outdoor Living Spaces Improve Your Home’s Sale

Outdoor Living Spaces Improve Your Home's Sale

It’s no secret that many Australians love a backyard, with outdoor living making up a huge part of how we enjoy our homes. The usable garden and yard space is often a key consideration by potential buyers when they’re on the market for a new home. Not only does this provide a functional benefit to buyers (particularly families or those who like to entertain), but these spaces are also important in offering positive health benefits to future owners, encouraging exercise, play and rest within an uplifting outdoor environment.

In order to help buyers visualise themselves in a new home, highlighting the features of a garden and outdoor living space can be extremely useful in working towards a positive sales price. By incorporating greenery throughout both the exterior and interior spaces, you can create a warm, welcoming impact on prospective buyers as they move through the space or review a property listing online.

If the thought of a major landscaping overhaul feels overwhelming, never fear: by taking a few simple, strategic steps, you can maximise the impact of your home’s outdoor living opportunities, all without breaking the bank.


Incorporate colour

Even a few simple additions can add new life and vigour to a garden space. A couple of brightly coloured plants or flowers, either planted or placed in clean, fresh pots, can build a sense of harmony between the interior and the exterior, softening sparse landscapes or reinvigorating gardens in need of a fresh makeover.

By focusing on complementing colours, you can encourage your buyers’ imaginations to view the outdoor space as an extension of the inside, elevating the home’s perceived value.


Make the most of the outdoor space

All too often, homes will go to market with an empty patio, deck, verandah or courtyard. If you’ve got an outdoor living space that doesn’t have any furniture, or the furniture is old, tired and in need of some TLC, bringing in new outdoor living furniture can make a powerful difference in the impact your home makes on prospective buyers.

Home staging and property styling can make it surprisingly affordable to transform the feeling of outdoor living spaces, providing furniture rentals that don’t break the bank. The expert advice of a home staging specialist can also ensure the outdoor furniture that’s brought in will complement the space, highlighting its best features and minimising its flaws.


Case study: A Newtown Townhouse

One great example of the power of outdoor home staging can be seen in our Ballater Rd, Newtown project. With a modern/industrial brief, our team of expert home stagers focused on showcasing the indoor/outdoor entertainment lifestyle that this townhouse was designed to facilitate.

Inspiration for furnishing and homewares alike was drawn from raw timbers and stones, complementing the existing fittings and features. Strategically chosen outdoor furniture was employed to seamlessly work with the decking, while also creating a contrast against the serene, lush greenery that was such a feature of the product.

The end result? ‘The many viewers of our property said it was the best-presented house they had seen,’ shared our client.


Greenery plays an integral role in bringing prospective buyers into a vibrant, healthy mindset when viewing a home for sale. Find out more about how our team of home staging and property styling experts can bring your outdoor spaces to life.

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