How Rental Furniture Can Inject Personality into a Rental Home


Rental Furniture Can Inject Personality into a Rental Home

As many Australians are living in rental homes and apartments for longer, finding ways to bring your own unique sense of style into a rental is crucial to truly feeling at home in your space. Some people inaccurately believe that living in a rental means letting go of the ability to personalise your space. With a wide range of flexible furnishing and interior design options, including the kind of furniture rentals normally reserved for home staging or property styling services, it’s never been easier to bring your rental home to life in a highly personal way.

If you’re looking to inject more personality into a rental home or apartment, here are three simple steps to cultivating a home that’s uniquely you.

Work with the confines of your space with furniture rentals

One of the downsides of renting? Uncertainty. When the choice of a renewed lease is in someone else’s hands, it can be difficult to know which furniture pieces to invest in for the long run.

While this has caused great frustration for renters in the past, furniture rentals can offer an easy way to find furniture that suits each individual space. If you’re working with space limitations that are different to your last rental, consider whether or not your existing furniture is the right scale for each room. Alternatively, if your rental has more space or unique design opportunities, sourcing furniture that can warm each room and contribute to easy everyday living gives you a new chance to express your design personality.

Review your rental home or apartment to identify how space, layout, size and colour scheme can play into your overall design aesthetic. This can help you identify which pieces of furniture may need to be let go of for this particular rental, and those which can be brought in to really make the space feel like home.

Prioritise flexibility

If you’ve ever lugged a heavy mattress up three flights of stairs, you’ll know how important it is to prioritise flexibility when you’re renting.

Avoid the chances of spending $5,000 on a beautiful overstuffed lounge set, only to find it doesn’t suit your next rental. Instead, consider how you can highlight personal items (such as artwork, rugs or soft furnishings) alongside more flexible furnishing options (like a furniture rental package). This gives you the best of both worlds: a unique, distinct touch achieved through your own personal belongings, and the ability to scale furniture up and down as needed from home to home.

Test out new design aesthetics

If your space has never felt quite like ‘you’, it may be time to try on a new design aesthetic for size.

Sick of coastal colours? Opt for mid-century moodiness to shake up your design routine. Tired of minimalist palettes? Lean into patterns, textures and surprise choices in order to test what feels most like you.

With a wide range of furniture rental options, you can play with design, colour, texture and materials in order to find the design aesthetic that truly feels most like your own. Pabs Property Styling and Furniture Rentals has a team of specialists whose extensive experience in property styling, home staging, interior decoration and furniture rentals can bring your space to life. Find out how we can help you make your rental home feel like your own.

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