The finishing touches that add significant appeal at your open house

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If you’re selling your home, hosting an open house is a valuable way to showcase your property and introduce prospective buyers to your home. However, in order for an open house to be effective, your home must present as polished, professional and welcoming.

In this article, we will share how you can add the perfect finishing touches to your open house. With these tips, you can boost the appeal of your property and achieve a superior sale.


Make sure that it’s spotless

It may seem obvious, but it’s absolutely essential to make sure that your home is spotlessly clean before hosting an open house. If it’s dirty, it gives buyers the impression that you don’t prioritise upkeep – and in some cases, it may lead them to think that there are more serious structural problems with the home that you haven’t addressed.

If possible, it’s best to hire professional cleaners before your open house. Of course, you can do the cleaning yourself; but as the homeowner, you may be more likely to overlook certain areas without even realising it.


Reduce clutter

When it comes to open houses and inspections, less is more. Before you open up your home to potential buyers, make sure to minimise as much clutter as possible. Not only will decluttering make your guests feel more comfortable, but it will also help them focus on your home itself – rather than decor and accessories.


Put away personal items

As part of the decluttering, you should take extra care to take down any personal items, including family photographs and mementos. Although these items may be sentimental to you, they may be off-putting to prospective buyers and could make it difficult for them to picture themselves in your home.


Keep it well-lit

No buyer wants to walk into a dark and dingy home. As the open house host, you should open all of the curtains throughout your home to harness the power of natural sunlight, which makes your home feel bigger and more welcoming.


Work with a professional home staging company

In many cases, an open house is your first (and often only) opportunity to make an impression on potential buyers. By working with a home staging or property styling firm, you can take advantage of this critical moment and increase your home’s sale potential.

Home staging professionals know what works – and what doesn’t – with prospective buyers. With the right home staging strategy, you can increase the appeal of your property, inspire buyers to view themselves living in your home, and even secure a quicker and better offer.

At Pabs, our property stylists have extensive experience in the industry, including in-depth knowledge of current market trends and interior design principles. We blend this industry expertise with a personalised touch to highlight each property’s unique characteristics and stand out in the market.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to Pabs today to get more information about our services or request a quote for home staging. Visit our website or ring us on 1800 20 10 20.

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