The Top 4 Interior Design Trend Predictions for 2023

While some design trends stand the test of time, others barely last from one New Year’s Eve to the next. As we welcome 2023, we’ve taken a look at the design trends that are on the horizon, slowly but surely making their way into homes around Australia. 

2022 saw a design focus that emphasised natural materials and earthy colour tones. With the impact of pandemic living still guiding our interior design preferences, homes looked to nature, finding organic shapes and textures as inspiration. 2023, on the other hand, will take us away from the extreme minimalism that’s dominated Pinterest and Instagram feeds for months, with an opportunity for new design trends to step into the spotlight.

Trend prediction: traditional makes a comeback

If minimalism is out, it’s because we need space for mid-century furniture pieces in its wake. 

‘Grandmillennial’ was a new term introduced into the design vernacular in 2021, and it’s only going to continue in 2023, with Art Deco and mid-century pieces taking centre stage in our homes.

Trend prediction: a focus on sustainability

It may come as no surprise that 2023 will also mark a shift towards more emphasis on sustainability within interior design choices. While sustainable manufacturing and design practices have been a growing priority for consumers over recent years, this next year will bring even more of a focus on how a product is manufactured, as well as the cultural awareness of its creators. 

This offers us the opportunity to bring bespoke pieces into our homes, whether this is in the form of artwork, living room furniture, sculptures, textiles and more. Furniture rentals offer a chic and modern way around this, too, allowing you to loan pieces on a term basis, regularly updating your home without the waste.

Trend prediction: life-enhancing priorities

Our homes have become more important than ever in the wake of global lockdowns. As we’ve continued to understand how we rest, work and play within our spaces, there’s been an opportunity to discover how they can be more strategically shaped to serve the needs of all its inhabitants.

This may look like an overhaul of a cluttered or poorly functioning home office, creating reading or leisure nooks, or redesigning kitchens to better facilitate daily workflows. Any new design choices will be considered through the lens of their practical abilities to enhance lifestyles and daily needs, rather than their aesthetic impact alone.

Trend prediction: outdoor and indoor integrations

2022 saw a focus on biophilic design, as we looked to bring more nature into our homes. This trend will continue into the year as designers seek to create unity and harmony between the external and the internal.

The integration of outdoor spaces with family homes also means natural textures and materials will be prioritised in design choices – expect to see fluidity between the natural world and the designed world in living rooms throughout Australia.

Embracing trends on a budget

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