Upscale your home with Pabs

Modern Interior Of Living Room


When you’re selling or renting out your home, first impressions mean everything. As soon as a prospective buyer walks into your house, you want them to imagine themselves living there.

As you prepare your property to go onto the market, you need to make the design appeal to as many buyers as possible — while still maintaining a unique sense of style. Even though you might have an interesting personal style, it might not translate to prospective homeowners that want to envision your home as theirs.

That’s why partnering with a professional property styling firm is the best way to achieve an attractive look and feel that resonates with potential buyers. With Pabs, you can successfully upscale your home and bring in as many qualified offers as possible. In this post, we’ll share how Pabs can help you tastefully style your property and transform your space.


Use texture strategically

In interior design, texture is used to evoke different feelings in people. For example, sleek and smooth surfaces (like metal) create a modern and contemporary ambience. On the other hand, natural textures (like wool) make people feel cosy and welcome.

Unfortunately, texture is often an after-thought for inexperienced designers who are either hesitant to play with various textures or use too many at once. However, Pabs property stylists know how to mix-and-match multiple textures intentionally, enhancing the feel of a space and driving up its appeal in the minds of your buyers.


Bring in the right furniture

Selecting the appropriate furniture for your home is an essential component of property styling — but it’s much more than just picking and choosing nice-looking sofas, tables, and chairs. In reality, the furniture in your home should be stylish, suited for the space, and aligned with other decor and design features of your property.

At Pabs, our property stylists understand the impact that furniture has on how a prospective buyer views your home. Our team uses furniture strategically to strike the right balance between style and comfort while also establishing the purpose of each room.


Create a balanced space

Amateur interior design choices can make your home feel too cluttered or too empty. In either case, buyers simply won’t feel at home in a space that doesn’t look quite right. Instead, professional property stylists can bring in an effective combination of patterns, colours, materials, and decor to make a room appear right on balance.

Depending on the interior style of your house, your Pabs property stylist will strategically highlight specific aspects of your home to create a particular aesthetic. They know precisely how to get the right blend of light and dark, colourful and neutral, and bold and subtle to maximise the appeal of your home.


In addition to Pabs’ interior design knowledge, our team also has an extensive understanding of market demographics. We combine these areas of expertise to help you earn a maximum selling price and achieve a quicker sale.


Learn more about how Pabs can help upscale your home before you sell. Get in touch with the Pabs team today by calling us on 1800 20 10 20 or visiting our website