The Role of a Home Stager: What to Expect During the Staging Process

Role of a Home Stager

If you’re unfamiliar with the power of home staging, you could be leaving money on the table. Professional home stagers can be your best friend when it comes to prepping a home for the market. By boosting your property’s appeal and maximising its sales potential, home staging can play a key role in securing a strong sales price and whipping up a frenzy amongst potential buyers.Whether you’re actively preparing a home for sale or are looking to evaluate your options for the future, it’s wise to be familiar with the role of a home stage. Here’s what to expect during the staging process.

Home staging: Elevating your Property’s Appeal

Staging a home for sale is a proven and effective strategy for increasing the visual and emotional appeal of a property in the minds of potential buyers. In the professional home staging process, a professional will come in and assess your property, looking at the features that should be maximised (and the particulars that would benefit from minimisation!).

By incorporating creative home staging ideas, a home stager will bring your home to life in a manner that’s of great appeal to potential buyers, helping it to stand out amongst a competitive real estate market.

What Does a Home Stager Do?

Yes, your sister’s probably offered to bring in some throw cushions before your next open home. No, it’s not the same thing as the services offered in professional home staging.

A home stager is a highly skilled professional whose expertise in interior design and property styling is put to work for your benefit. Their primary goal is to enable a fast sale at a fantastic price for your property. They often work in collaboration with your real estate agent, looking to understand the intended demographic of your buyer pool and making design decisions that directly appeal to them.

The general steps of a professional home staging process include:

  1. An initial consultation: in this stage, a home stager will visit your property to assess its current state, as well as to build an understanding about your goals and expectations. From this consultation, they’ll develop a personalised staging plan that’s tailored to your particular needs and property details.
  2. Cleaning and decluttering: it’s likely a professional home stager will recommend decluttering and deep-cleaning in order to contribute to a fresh, welcoming environment. You’ll be amazed by how different your home feels at the end of a thorough declutter – and that’s just the beginning!
  3. Furnishings and soft furnishings selection: your home stager will choose furniture, artwork and soft furnishings that will bring their staging plan to life. These choices will be made in accordance with your property’s best features. For example, smaller spaces can appear larger through the strategic choice of furnishings, and dark rooms can be lightened through careful interior design choices.
  4. Staging execution: during this stage, your home stager will arrange furniture and soft furnishings to create a visually inviting space. They’ll consider elements such as focal points, intended traffic flow and the overall design footprint of each room.
  5. Marketing and promotion: once your home has been staged, it’s time for its photoshoot! Professional photographs will show your home off in the best light possible, helping to catch the attention of a potential buyer online.

Making the Most of Professional Home Staging

The investment you make into a professional home stager is likely to return to you many times over in an increased sales price. Find the experts you need to bring your home to life with Pabs.   Our team of expert stylists and logistics personal will have your property looking great and help achieve the best possible price.   Ask about our buy now pay later finance options with Elepay.

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