Our Top 5 Favourite Space-Saving Hacks for Kitchens

Space Saving Kitchen Ideas

If you have found yourself a little tight on space in the kitchen, fear not. By implementing these space-saving design hacks, a little decluttering, and home staging tricks of the trade, you’ll have yourself a Pinterest-worthy kitchen sure to capture the imagination of prospective buyers.

1) Conquer kitchen clutter

Hands up if your kitchen bench is a family dumping ground for anything and everything from paperwork, school bags, toys, keys, and other miscellaneous items? While you are certainly in good company, cluttered countertops are a sure-fire way to make an already small kitchen seem claustrophobic.

Whether you have a shoebox kitchen or not, decluttering is the first step in making the area feel more spacious and streamlined. Systematically declutter countertops, cabinets, and the pantry, focusing on only keeping functional and frequently used items. As well as culling or relocating homeless items that don’t belong in the kitchen in the first place, consider ditching bulky specialised appliances in favour of more versatile multi-functional kitchen tools…Can you really justify keeping that popcorn maker?

2) A place for everything

Once you have removed unnecessary items, it’s time to start organising. Embrace Benjamin Franklin’s golden rule of ‘A place for everything, everything in its place.’ Strategically position items in your kitchen close to where you would naturally reach for them and take the time to put things back in their designated homes.

Storage management can really help when it comes to maintaining an organised kitchen. Believe us when we say that buyers will open your pantry doors and cabinets to suss out whether there is ample space to store all their kitchen gadgets and gizmos. You could invest in some quality airtight, stackable canisters or go old school but equally visually appealing with mason jars.  Make good use of dividers to keep unruly drawers more manageable and double your shelf space instantly by using foldable racks.

3) Out of sight, out of mind

In addition to stashing clutter culprits such as your kettle, toaster, or blender in an appliance cupboard, a few other kitchen items will need to be discreetly hidden away come open home day. There is something innately satisfying about a gleaming sink that spells fresh cleanliness. Store all brushes, cloths and detergents in a washing-up caddy under the sink, and don’t forget to tuck that dishrack away as well. Finally, hide unsightly rubbish bins and free up precious floor space by investing in a hidden pull-out bin system.  

4) Expand workspaces

If you are tight on workspaces, you could employ the old chopping board trick over the sink or hob; there are even companies that will make bespoke handcrafted boards to perfectly fit your layout, maximising space (as well as giving you an impressive cheese board).

5) Add light

Just add white for additional light. In addition to maximising natural light through windows and skylights, and having adequate overhead lighting, giving the walls, skirting boards and ceilings a fresh coat of white or off-white paint will work wonders to make a kitchen feel spacious and airy.

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